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BCCP and Baylor ISR Researchers Receive $2 Million Grant to Study the Human Virtue of ‘Accountability’
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C. Stephen Evans
BCCP Director, Dr. C. Stephen Evans Honored as Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of the Year
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Trent Dougherty
Dr. Trent Dougherty appointed Fellow of the Oxford Center for Animal Ethics
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Francis Beckwith
Dr. Beckwith receives the 2016 AAR Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion
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Our Featured Projects + Research

Advancing A Better Understanding of the Nature, Scope, and Rationality of Religious Belief
The BCCP aims to bring the sophia of Christ to bear upon fundamental ideas concerning humanity’s place in the cosmos, and, in the light of this divine wisdom, to examine important issues that arise when humans try to live the Gospel in the modern world.
Watch Our Scholars
Micheal Beaty
A panel discussion with Rev. Kurt Pritzl, OP, Paul Weithman, and Michael Beaty for the sixth annual fall conference, "Joy in the Truth," held September 29-October 1, 2005.
Trent Dougherty
Michael Rea (University of Notre Dame), Trent Dougherty (Baylor University) and Oliver Crisp (Fuller Theological Seminary) discuss Analytic Theology.
John Haldane
Join Christopher Hitchens, world-famous British journalist and anti-theist, and John Haldane, leading Scottish philosopher, commentator, and broadcaster, in a discussion on rights, dignity, faith and public life. The Veritas Forum at Oxford, 2010.