Welcome to the Baylor ISR Center for Christian Philosophy


Baylor Center for Christian Philosophy Mission statement:
The BCCP aims to bring the sophia of Christ to bear upon fundamental ideas concerning humanity’s place in the cosmos, and, in the light of this divine wisdom, to examine important issues that arise when humans try to live the Gospel in the modern world.

Principle Objectives: Hold events across the disciplines both scholarly and popular in which the guiding light is the careful examination of fundamental ideas in light of the Christian theological tradition.  

As a unique institution with a distinctively Christian mission and a high research output, Baylor has many faculty across the disciplines who are engaged in the integration of faith and scholarship.  The BCCP brings key scholars together to collaborate in the BCCP mission and objectives.

C. Stephen Evans, Ph.D., University Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Baylor, serves as the Center’s director. Charity Anderson, Assistant Professor is associate director for the Center.