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Stephen Evans

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, “Closer to Truth,”  PBS (2018) with C. Stephen Evans

1.  Theological Anthropology: What is Human Person?
2.  Skeptical Theism
3.  Theological Epistemology: How Can We Know God?
4.  Do Major Religions Worship the Same God?
5.  Jesus as God
6.  Analytic Theology
7.  What is Virtue in a Theistic World?
8.  Why is Sin?
9.  Arguing God from Moral Law

C Stephen Evans, “Christian Belief in the 21st Century: Responding to the ‘New Atheism'” (Hayward Lectures, Acadia Divinity College)Beckwith discuss the problems of relativism and moral relativism. Part 1, “Should Christians Engage in Natural Theology?”:

Part 2, “A Natural-signs Approach to Natural Theology”:

Part 3, “Recognizing and Responding to God’s Self-revelation”:

Evans on Kierkegaard on Human Spirituality (Biola Center for Christian Thought)

Stephen Evans on Accountability: “The freedom of being held accountable” (Biola Center for Christian Thought)

Evans at C.S. Lewis 50th Memorial (Institute for the Study of Religion, Baylor University)

Stephen Evans, “Are You Your Brain? Human Persons as Embodied Souls” (MacLaurinCSF)